Academy Roofing has been trained in all modern low sloped roofing applications.

Roofs with steep slopes have long been a norm in residential construction, but low sloped roof construction is gaining more and more focus as a low maintenance, energy efficient method for both commercial and residential roofing.

Here at Academy Roofing in Kennesaw, GA, our skilled staff is trained in all modern low sloped roofing applications, including:

  • Energy Efficient Roof Coatings
  • TPO
  • PVC
  • Modified Bitumen — Self Adhered or Torch Down
  • EPDM

Whether you are working a new construction project with a low sloped roof or need repairs, re-roofing or maintenance on an existing project, our experienced roofing contractors make the process smooth and simple.

Advantages of Low Sloped Roofs

Unlike steep sloped roofs, low sloped roofs have to use methods other than just gravity to protect your home or business from rainwater and ensure proper runoff. Low sloped roofs do still have some slope, so gravity is one element of the design, but waterproofing, reinforcement and strong surfacing materials all work to ensure the membrane is an effective barrier to the elements. Some of the main advantages of this alternate roofing method include:

  • Improved energy efficiency: Steep sloped roofs typically create extra attic space in a building that goes unused and unfinished. The air in the attic space can make heating and air conditioning systems in your home or business less efficient, because they’re working to heat or cool all of that unused air. A low sloped roof cuts down on that unused space while still allowing for some storage or ductwork if desired. That makes it easier for your heating and air conditioning to keep your home or business comfortable year round.
  • Cheaper installation costs: Low sloped roofs require less material and less installation time than steep pitched roofs, cutting down on installation and re-roofing costs.
  • Easier maintenance: Due to their low pitch, it’s much easier to walk around on low sloped roofs than steep sloped roofs. Low sloped roofs sometimes require more regular maintenance in order to clear debris and reseal the surface, but the process if far easier and less dangerous than working on a steep roof.
  • Additional space: Low sloped roofs also offer the opportunity to locate durable mechanical equipment on the roof of a business instead of inside the building, providing more usable space inside the structure. You can also take advantage of the roof space to add solar panels or incorporate rooftop gardens.

Georgia’s Trusted Roofing Contractor

At Academy Roofing, we provide reliable, quality service to Kennesaw, GA, and surrounding cities, including Atlanta, Alpharetta and Marietta. Our skilled roofing contractors will work with you to provide quality new low sloped roof construction or repairs and maintenance for existing low sloped roofs.

If you’re in need of re-roofing, repair, maintenance or new construction of a low sloped roof, call our experienced roofing contractors at Academy Roofing today at 608.384.7663!

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