HydroStop Energy Efficient Roof Coatings

Superior, SeamFree Protection

Originally designed specifically for the renovation and waterproofing of existing metal roofing, the HydroStop System is one of today’s most advanced and most relied upon roofing restoration systems. HydroStop also offers a full line of membrane systems to restore most existing low-slope roof types, including BUR, modified bitumen, and EPDM. HydroStop is a liquid-applied system, installed in several stages to form a flexible, SeamFree membrane over the entire roof. It protects, is fully adhered to the existing roof surface, is highly elastic, and bonds tightly to most substrates:

  • Stays flexbile to -30 degrees Fahrenheit after curing
  • Standard reflective white can reduce roof surface temperatures up to 60 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Available in 9 standard and 7 reformulated colors, and unlimited custom colors
  • Backed by a comprehensive system warranty up to 20 years on metal roofs**

It’s the premier solution for the most complex and demanding installations:

  • Innovative SeamFree construction means no laps to separate or cause leakage
  • Exceptional flexibility and value
  • A versatile solution for the protection of new roofs and the problem of aging roofs

HydroStop Systems Reduce Your Roofing Life Cycle Costs…

An effective roof maintenance program combined with a HydroStop system can greatly reduce life cycle costs for most roofing systems.

Energy Savings…

Several independent testing facilities agree that a long-term reflective roof can decrease cooling costs by as much as 21% per year, or more! HydroStop is an ENERGY STAR qualified product, is Title 24 compliant, and meets the stringent standards set by the Cool Roof Rating Council for solar reflectance and thermal emittance. HydroStop’s ENERGY STAR qualified Roof Membrane is rated as providing an initial reflectivity of 85%, and 3-year studies show that the HydroStop Membrane exceeds the ENERGY STAR program’s minimum reflectivity by over 40%-thereby reducing the surface temperature of a roof by as much as 60 degrees Fahrenheit when compared to typical black low-slope roof. HydroStop’s exceptional resistance to dirt pick-up, combine with regular standard roof maintenance, will ensure a highly reflective surface for the life of the roof system.

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Liquid-Applied Membrane System (Typical Metal Application)


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